Micromelancolié – Niwa

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Micromelancolié – Niwa

Micromelancolié is Robert Skrzyński, a Polish ambient/experimental musician whose discography counts a few dozens of releases on various respectable independet labels. As well as many other of Micromelancolié releases, Niwa is being released as a tape, and according to Skrzyński’s words it’s been planned as one of the parts of his record series referring to “changes in human understanding of reality, concept of true, and information overload caused by internet as a basic part of everyday life.”

Skrzyński here once again continues in his proved practice of sound collaging, creating an adventurous ambient world made from pieces of manipulated found sounds, field recordings, static glitch, somewhat disquieting spatious pads and sound objects. As a result he brings us an album that is fragile yet exciting, adventurous and fairly daydream inducing.

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