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Of The
Week: 16
Sat 20th Apr
Arrow Week

HARVESTMAN, the psych/folk/ambient project of Neurosis’ Steve Von Till, arises with its most exploratory and ambitious works to date, a three-album series titled Triptych, with each installment coordinated for release on specifically chosen full moons this year. The first, Triptych: Part One, will be released on Von Till’s own Neurot Recordings on April 23rd with the rising of the Pink Moon. Triptych: Part One was recorded and mixed at The Crow’s Nest in North Idaho by Steve Von Till who creates the movements using guitars, bass, synths, percussion, stock tank,…
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Of The
24th April
Arrow DAY

Artists | Ulwhednar, Prophän, GIDIA, Kondaktor, Lemos, African Imperial Wizard, Igor Cavalera, Sam KDC, Vile Temper, Lussuria, Matriarchy Roots, Mogano, Llimbs, Saahiwa // Labels | Northern Electronics, Several Minor Promises, L.I.E.S., Tesco Organisation, Auxiliary, Hospital Productions, Strange Therapy, Voidance, S H I S H I
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Subterranean Cut.

Soon Over Babaluma

Soon Over Babaluma
no internal structural frameworks. runs on helium.
an observation platform.
The Blimp
Soon over babaluma
The Blimp