Goat – Joy In Fear

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Goat – Joy In Fear

Perhaps the tightest band in existence right now return with an astonishing new album – their first in 8 years – we ain’t talking about the Swedish psych troupe, nor the Greek metal act; but the infinitely superior Japanese goat (jp) who take the micro-precision of computer music and play it on instruments. They make a devilish display of interlocking, pointillist drums newly gelled with the addition of harmonic, 4th world woodwind, brass and texture that will completely destroy you – especially played loud – huge recommendation if yr into anything from This Heat to Miles Davis, early Battles to Jon Hassell, Moin and Autechre. We’re deep in AOTY zone right here.


Soon Over Babaluma

Soon Over Babaluma
no internal structural frameworks. runs on helium.
an observation platform.
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Soon over babaluma