Water Damage – In E

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Water Damage – In E

Volume, repetition, volume, repetition, volume and repetition, this is the sonic mantra of Austin, Texas’s Water Damage. On their new record “In E”, Water Damage continues to scorch the earth with walls of punishing sound. It’s no secret that something truly special can happen to the psyche when you are being pummelled with trance inducing drones, you can transcend time, you might laugh, you might cry but hopefully you look inward, letting a calm wash over you with metric tons of distortion. Water Damage are the rare “rock” band that follow in the lineage of artists like Faust, Tony Conrad, Steve Reich and Pärson Sound, one that creates such heavy yet minimalistic audio treasures that not only hit you viscerally but also give space to contemplate on your place in the cosmos. Their longest offering yet, Water Damage hits you with 4 side long tracks of krautpunk ending with a cover of “Ladybird” by Shit & Shine featuring Craig Clouse himself on vocals. Drone until you hear god speak.

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