Mira Calix – absent origin

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Mira Calix – absent origin

absent origin is the latest album by multi-disciplinary artist Mira Calix via Warp Records.

‘Like Duchamp, I had started out wanting to, ‘make an album, or box, of approximately all the things I produced’. In the end, I realized – as much as a collage is the coupling of two or more realities, it also offers the means to examine the materials and culture of an era, questioning and expanding its borders.’ Mira Calix

Every song on the album was created by applying a different collage process relating to a different visual artist, spanning the history of collage to contemporaries of the practice. The sonic materials are subjected to a myriad of processes; layered, synthesised, constructed and assembled into electronic melodies, textures and complex, frisky dance rhythms that are constantly shifting in surprising ways. absent origin employs collage to make sense of the current moment of displaced voices, disjunction and political unrest.


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