Shit And Shine – NO NO NO NO

Artist: Shit And Shine

Label: OOH-sounds

Year of Release: 2019

Sounds From: Texas

Posted in: Albums

Sounds like: Sound Collage

Austin Texas provocateur SHIT & SHINE causes his 29th release so far to collide with OOH-sounds. With acclaimed works on Edition Mego, Diagonal, Rocket and others he confirms his unique / sick stylistic blend with a new self- explanatory album titled NO NO NO NO—as simple as that.

IF YOU ARE INTO : dull corporate operators, echoes of the synapses, vending machine music, text-to-speech hysteria, under the influence drum incursions, modulating machinery until it breaks, unnecessary untrue information, sticky dancefloors, garageband aficionados, techno-mutations, third parties provocations, hard-to-draw-a-line genres, tangible psychedelia, obscure naivety…to be continued…