Beans – Ace Balthazar

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Beans – Ace Balthazar

Ace Balthazar (Tape)

Beans – Orator (OT Music/SESAC)
All Tracks produced by Ade Firth (PRS/SESAC)
* except: Windmill Cancer Survivor by Skeletonitez
^ Guest vocals on:
The Mouse – Billy Woods (F. Porter for The Happiest Africans (SESAC)
Julian Lives On The Roof – King F Sorrow courtesy of himself
Bass Reeves – Jennifer Herrema of Royal Trux/ RTX /Black Bananas (Western Xterminator Publishing/BMI)
– Saxophone on No Allegiance for Sale, A Corpse Never Wanders, & Windmill Cancer Survivor by Dan Wenninger
Artwork by Ms. MASHA
Recorded, Mixed, and Engineered by Chris Keffer @ Magnetic North
Mastered by Jose Guerrero @ Plataforma Continental
Cassette Layout & Packaging by Bertrand Blanchard

I Came For Blood (Chapbook)

Words: Beans
Book Layout & Editing: Alex Assaly
Cover Photograph: Lauren Hillary Clune
Photo Inserts: Miss Masha
Illustrations: Derek Stewart

Soon Over Babaluma

Soon Over Babaluma
no internal structural frameworks. runs on helium.
an observation platform.
The Blimp
Soon over babaluma