Cerberus Shoal ‎– Homb

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Cerberus Shoal ‎– Homb
Post Rock

The long out-of-print breakthrough third album by the forever forward-thinking New England collective, Cerberus Shoal, is rightfully considered a high-water mark for the band, and a quintessential example of what would eventually be commonly defined as “post-rock.”

The first studio album to feature the members of fellow local experimental rock troupe, Tarpigh, Homb exemplifies the transitional magic and mystery that marked Cerberus Shoal’s brilliant early era. Unraveling their various influences – early 90s post-hardcore, shoegaze, avant-rock, psych-folk, early New Age – and weaving them into something uniquely rich and resonant seemed almost effortless to Cerberus Shoal, and perhaps no album epitomized that more than the lush tapestry of Homb.

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