Oliver Doerell – my life with M.

Artist: Oliver Doerell

Label: Oxmose

Year of Release: 2019

Sounds From: France

Posted in: Albums

Sounds like: Electronic Experimental

My life with M. an organic contact with sound where theatre and music could be perceived as a tool for the creation of a distant dream. Doerell’s sonorities transpose a nostalgia for something never met or somewhere never been, an osmosis of absence and memory interrupted by scattered fragments of abstraction.

The album reveals Oliver Doerell’s artistic collaboration with German-Iranian dancer and choreographer Modjgan Hashemian. All pieces are reworked compositions for theatre plays from 2008 to 2018. A wide acoustic spectrum is built throughout the merge of home-made instruments, electro-acoustic and digital means. The artist is subtly mastering sound textures, distortions, altered frequencies, voice insertions and blends reality and mysticism into his unique soundscape.

The founding member of Dictaphone/ SWOD, Oliver Doerell releases the first album under his artist name and invites the listener to contemplate and to discover another one of his artistic personas. Grab a comfortable chair and enjoy the audition.

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