Claudio Rocchetti ‎– Syrian Edge

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Claudio Rocchetti ‎– Syrian Edge

Claudio Rocchetti succeeds in sublimating incoherent masses of noise and excerpts of daily routines: reinterpreting these acoustic signals through tape manipulation, he crafts sonic matter unheard before and yet somehow familiar, like ghosts from the past resurfacing from white noise, reflections on the mirror of memory, stratified into new euphonic languages.

Syrian Edge is the first act of Panorama – a triptych investigating the work of Claudio Rocchetti, his thorough research on sound as a profound medium to memory. It guides the listener – like in a long cinematic take – through imaginary Suqs crowded with undefined chattering, spices scents and abrupt Lauds, a sequence of scenes clashing and crashing on each other, demanding attention. Sound becomes memory, with its own tone, rhythm and timbre, alive, vivid and throbbing in its surreal normality.

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